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Distribution Arresters

These new Optima arresters join an impressive list of advances that Ohio Brass has brought to arrester technology since it began making arresters in 1950. Improvements in design, such as the Optima have increased protective margins and durability. More important in terms of dollars and service reliability, Ohio Brass arresters have generated substantial savings for utilities. On the following pages are additional benefits and capabilities of our arresters.

Substation Arresters

With the introduction of the station class Type PVN, Ohio Brass has expanded its line of polymer-housed arresters for distribution, substation and transmission applications. PVN arresters are suitable for applications up through 230kV. The PVI arresters are suitable for applications up through 138kV.

These designs combine the advantages of a polymer housing and metal-oxide varistor valve blocks, and offer the benefits of a one piece arrester construction for all voltage ratings. Stacking of individual arrester units is not required with polymer housings.

Also available are porcelain and silicone station (Type VN, SVN and VL) arresters.

Transmission Arresters

Since 1988, PROTECTA*LITE® systems have reduced interruptions at system voltages from 2.4 to 400 kV. Higher voltage PROTECTA*LITE® systems are available.

PROTECTA*LITE® systems are available as an assemblies of polymer insulators and arresters, or as an arrester alone. Construction with a PROTECTA*LITE® assembly brings with it many advantages and configurations.