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Iskra Sistemi

Capacitors are used throughout electrical engineering and electronics. They store electric charges and filter or regulate current and voltage in electronic circuitry. Iskra Sistemi offers a vast array of capacitors in numerous application-specific and customer-specific designs. Constant product improvement has resulted in components that are smaller, more reliable and more cost-effective than their predecessors. The power capacitor range, for example, encompasses low voltage power factor correction capacitors, low voltage power factor banks, high voltage power capacitors, induction heating capacitors, HV capacitors for network tone control, and capacitors for protecting HV power switches. These components are mainly used in large energy plants.


KNK Power Capacitor for Low Voltage

KNK capacitors are used for power factor correction of inductive consumers(Transformers, electric motors, rectifiers) in industrial networks for voltages up to 660V

KNK 5015, KNK 1053, KNK 2053, KNK 9053, KNK 9101, KNK 9103, KNK 9141, KNK 9143 are the available versions of Low voltage capacitors.


MULTI-STEPS Automatic MV Capacitor Bank 

  • Nominal Voltage: 6.3 kV
  • Nominal Power: 0.33 + 0.66
  • HRC fuses
  • Inrush reactor
  • Vacuum contactors
  • Double star coonectio
  • 2600 x 2110 x 1100 mm, indoor version


HV Filter Capacitor Bank

  • HV Filter Power Factor device
  • 6 kV
  • 2.5 Mvar
  • 189 Hz


HV Single step Capacitor Bank 

  • Single step capacitor bank, type KMW
  • Installed Power: 28.8Mvar
  • Rated voltage: 36kV 50Hz
  • Connection: Double Star


MV Filter Power Factor Correction System 

  • Nominal voltage: 35 kV
  • Niminal Power: 12 Mvar(4+8 Mvar)
  • Rated voltage: 770 MVA
  • SF6 switch feeder
  • Double star connection
  • Inrush or filter reactors


LV Capacitor Bank 

  • LV device for single-phase motor
  • 100 Hp
  • 460 V
  • 50 Hz