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Electrolytic starters – Vectrostar


Electrolytic starter demarreur electrolytique Electrolytic starters Vectrostar

With Vectrostar principle, the user obtains the maximum torque at very low speed (starting of locked and loaded machines can be accomplished).

Start-up current for slip ring motors from 0.5 to 1.5 rated current In.


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  • Drastic decrease ingamme demarreurs electrolytiques vectrostar r cim 300×200 Electrolytic starters Vectrostar start-up overcurrent
  • Adjustement of maximum torque with minimum current
  • Suppression of mechanical shocks through a constant acceleration torque and progressive speed increase.
  • Enables a number of start-ups in a row without any possible damage to the resistivity
  • Suitable for a wide range of motors allowing motor and machine changes
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The dosage of the electrolyte allows a perfect adaptation of Vectrostar R to the operating environment of the motor (resistant torque, inertia, load, etc). the duration of the start-up depends on the dosage of the electrolyte, as well as on the adjustment of the flow valve which controls the electrolyte flow entering the start-up tank.


The electrolyte reserve tank is large enough to allow an efficient circulation into the start-up upper tank.

Subsequent start-ups can be made without changing their characteristics.

Electrolytic starter R1500 demarreur electrolytique Electrolytic starters Vectrostar

The Vectrostar R envelope provides an electrical insulation (except for Vectrostar from R1500 up to R4000 which have to be earth connected)

A thermostat monitors the electrolyte temperature inside the start-up tank.

Robustness :

IP 569 protection, corrosion resistant equipment, limited maintenance is required. The starters from Vectrostar R1500 to R4000 are made in stainless steel (AISI 304L as a standard)

Reliability and maintenance :

Electrolytic starter R4000 demarreur electrolytique 300×236 Electrolytic starters Vectrostar

Low operating temperature minimizes electrolytic fluid maintenance

Standard unit controls allow full automation of start-ups.


installation flexibility and low maintenance make the Vectrostar very economical.