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Neutral Grounding Resistors

Most power distribution networks have their neutral line connected to earth in order to support important currents if a fault occurs.
In order to avoid the potential damage such faults can create, a neutral earthing resistor (or neutral grounding resistor) is fitted between the neutral and earth in order to limit the current and give automatic electrical protection devices enough time to react.

A Wide Modular Range :

The experience METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR has gained by installing thousands of neutral earthing resistors around the world together with the flexibility of our technology and the robustness of our products allow us to meet a large range of requirements.malt standard4 226×300 Neutral Grounding Resistors


Power resistors that we have developed include:


  • Rated fault current : from 5 to 5000A.
  • Rated voltage : from 380V to 500kV (with adequate isolation).
  • Rated fault time : from several seconds to permanent fault condition


  • Direct connection or through porcelain bushing or using plugs.
  • Ingress protection: from IP00 to IP54 (we recommend IP23)
  • inishing : pre-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, painted, stainless steel housing or other as required by the customer.neutral grounding resistor 250×250 Neutral Grounding Resistors

Options :

  • HV LV current transformers.
  • Off-load or on-load disconnecting switches
  • Space heater
  • Isolators allowing the connection of several sources to the same resistance
  • Elevating stands
  • Bushing cable boxes

We are extremely flexible and are able to offer customised solutions. For example in order to meet specific customer requirements, we have designed and supplied control cabinets that include switch and current transformers for connecting one or several transformers to the same resistance. We have also supplied cabinets that include inverters.