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Mors Smitt


The focus in our industrial activities is on safely satisfying the needs of demanding segments such as power generation, petro-chemical and water treatment plants, mining, shipbuilding and installation and building automation.

For decades these industries have been growing and changing for many reasons: economic growth in developing countries, focus on environmental friendly power generation and fail safe operation, ongoing upgrading, modernization and technical refinement, worldwide international trade boosting the shipbuilding industry.

Business interrupts in these segments are not an option and the need for ultra-reliable proven products and solutions is mandatory.

Mors-Smitt has been recognized for decades as supplier of dependable products and services in these industrial segments. In several geographical areas in the world a trusted and dominant market position has been achieved.

Company strategy for industrial ‘Mors-Smitt’ business is based upon further responsible development and expansion of its high quality components in the many current sectors it serves. To keep offering the industrial sector the support it is demanding, Mors-Smitt focuses the skills, talents and experience of its staff in three main industrial activities:


Industry Portfolio

Heavy duty, safety critical and general purpose relays.We offer instantaneous, latching, timer, pulse and monitoring relays.

Delta Relays.

Mors Smitt presents a new relay series for protection and control applications in substations.
The plug-in Delta relays are electro-mechanical relays, based on the reliable Mors Smitt D-relay concept and equipped with 3 or 4 contacts, a wide voltage range and a standard hand reset flag (optional electrical reset on various models).

Test block & plugs.

Mors Smitt presents: A flexible and high performance test block system with a focus on operator safety. Suitable for applications on a wide range of protection relay panels.

Quickly and safely isolate protection relays to inject test signals and verify system performances.

Protection and control relays.The Actus Series represents a new generation of electromechanical relays designed specifically for application where high performance and reliability is paramount. While the fundamental and proven electro-mechanical mechanism has been maintained, the implementation of modern manufacturing techniques combined with an innovative architecture has provided a very flexible and competitive alternative to older generation auxiliary relays.

Hall Effect current and voltage sensorsMors Smitt Hall Effect closed loop sensors ensure high accuracy of current or voltage measuring in power electronics equipment for a full protection against overload or underload, control and regulation of the power equipment.

Lightning & surge protection devicesMors Smitt lightning and surge protection devices offer full protection to sensitive electronic equipment against electromagnetic disturbance and overvoltage. The range covers all protection zones from direct lightning strike to surge arresters.

Portable test & measuring equipmentDesign, manufacturing and supply of portable test and measuring equipment, characterized by quality and dependability. The portfolio of test tools, digital multimeters, current clamps, thermal cameras and installation testers and power analyzers is focused on solving the industry demands.

Smith light illuminationPortable illumination is to be trusted on, reliability is vital. Therefore all product designs are based on the best available materials, such as ABS and poly carbonate, and comply to the highest standards. This ensures safe working in all environments, even wet and dusty. For heavy duty industries, such as petrochemical or power generation, an IECEx model is available

Mors Smitt has also a Maritime portfolio focused on bridge instrumentation, bridge-wing instrumentation and control room products.

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