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MV accessories

Nexans provides a complete range of terminations, joints separable connectors and equipment bushings up to 36 kV. Terminations and joints are available in heat or cold-shrink technologies as well as slip-on. For paper insulated cables, a full range of terminations and joints (including transition joints) is also available. Separate connectors are produced in both EPDM and silicone rubber while equipment bushings are made in epoxy.

    Medium voltage heat-shrinkable terminations and joints

  • Suitable for single or 3-cores, paper or polymeric insulated cables up to 36 kV. The high quality heat-shrinkable non-tracking tubes and stress control tubes of the terminations provide long-term performance and the highest reliability for indoor as well as for outdoor applications. The heat-shrinkable joints offer an easy to install and reliable connection. If required, a galvanized steel case can be supplied to protect the joint from external impact and ground pressure
  • Medium voltage cold-shrinkable terminations and joints

  • Suitable for single core, paper or polymeric insulated cables up to 24 kV, these cold-shrinkable accessories set new standards in installation technique. All functions are integrated in single piece which is factory installed on plastic supporting tubes. After standard cable preparation, the pre-expanded accessory is positioned over the cable and shrunk by extracting the supporting tubes. Installation is considerably simpler and faster than with any other system presently available
  • Medium voltage slip-on terminations and joints

  • Suitable for single core polymeric insulated cables up to 36 kV, this range of pre-molded slip-on terminations and joints is made of silicone or EPDM rubber. Terminations in silicone-rubber are single pieces while EPDM terminations are modular. Both can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Straight joints for polymeric cables are available in EPDM or silicone rubber. Cable repair joints also exist in silicone rubber
  • Medium voltage porcelain/epoxy resin or oil-filled terminations and joints

  • A range of terminations and joints for polymeric or paper insulated draining and non draining cables up to 36 kV. Oil or resin filled terminations in either porcelain or epoxy resin for indoor and outdoor applications for single, 3-core belted or 3-core single leaded cables, straight and transition joints with injected resin, cast iron shells or metal sleeves with heat-shrinkable cover or plastic shells
  • Medium voltage slip-on premolded separable connectors

  • A range of pre-molded separable connectors are available in EPDM or silicone rubber for plug-in or bolted connections up to 36 kV and 1250 A. Available in straight, elbow or “T” versions, these connectors offer a sale to touch connection to switch gear and transformers can be supplied with a combination of connectors and terminations at each end. An EPDM plug-in lightning arrestor is available
  • Medium voltage epoxy resin equipment bushings

  • A large range of equipment bushings for in-oil, in-air and for plug-in or bolted versions up to 36 kV and 1250 A. A variety of fixing flanges for different clamping (or welding) systems is available as well as plug-in type epoxy termination

MV accessories for paper insulated cables are also available. They will be manufactured according to your specifications. Consequently there is no list for standard products.