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EM, as an engineering and contracting company is actively engaged in two main areas. Production-  Link Boxes of all types and design being the MAIN LINE of Production. Also included are Cable Cleats , and special cable tools used in field applications. High Voltage XLPE Power Cable Systems Project Engineering; Project executions both national and overseas.

Link Box

link Box is electrically and mechanically one of the integral accessories of HV underground cable Bonding System, associated with HV XLPE power cable system. Generally Link Box implies close association with insulated joints (interrupted sheathing design) of a long power line serving as a protective housing safeguarding all the related bonding linkages and components for long reliable service life. They are also installed at both ends of a circuit connected to terminations. At each point, electrically the internal design configuration and installed components are different serving a definite bonding purpose. The internal connections/links are of easily removable design, which can be easily removed; thus allowing disconnecting the individual cable sheaths for Sheath fault testing, establishing the integrity of sheath; that is no cracks/cuts or holes as a result of mishandling during cable laying.

EM Offers three Type of Link Boxes: Pedestal Type, Underground Type, Wall/Gantry/Structure Type

Cable Cleats

Cable cleats are designed to fix, retain and support cables. In addition, where short circuit faults are anticipated, correct  cleating will result in the containment of the cables during a fault and enable the circuit to restored once the fault has been repaired EMELEC Cable Cleats are available for trefoil and single cable applications where moderate to levels up to 40 kA-1 sec/ 50 kA-1 sec/ 63kA-1 sec short circuit withstand are required. According to these conditions EMELEC Cable Cleats are tested at IPH Berlin Laboratories. The unique design allows rapid installation. Manufactured from Aluminium Alloy(6000 series), acc. to BS EN 755, the product is lighter and tougher than the cast product.

Coffin Box

As the name coffin implies the protection of an important item or a good buried in ground/earth against the destructive corrosiveness or chemically aggressive properties of soil.In case of Underground Power Cable Systems application, Coffins are provided to protect cable joints buried in ground against the same destructive properties of soil, including water and moisture penetration in areas of high water tables in worst cases salty water layers close to seas or swamps with high levels of salt and acids such areas in Gulf Countries are reality of great concerns. High Voltage(HV) Joints have to be protected against the very same conditions. Coffins are made of Fiber Glass Reinforced (FGR) Polyester housing of certain thickness 3-4 mm, constructed in two parts; upper an lower sections. It is exactly contoured to contain/cover a cable joint of elongated sphere, which ends up in higher diameter cross section than the cable if joined of 100-140 mm in diameter.

Filling Compound

Emelec re-enterable filling compound is compatible with all Link Boxes and Cable Joints

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