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Innovative and dependable high voltage electrical test and measurement solutions which are trusted by
customers around the world. Improve the way high voltage testing is performed with quality test and
measuring instruments. We have a history of providing quality portable equipment for utilities and contractors
to use onsite, including Hipot testers, resistance meters, cable fault locators, and more

DC Hipot Tester - 800PL-HD Series: 840PL-HD, 800PL-HD

The 800PL HD series is built with state of art technology for testing the insulation strength of electrical apparatus. The robust unit ensures simplistic operation, accurate results and operator safety under all circumstances along with long duty cycle. 800PL HD series comes in two variants -840PL-HD (40kV, 10mA) & 880PL-HD (80kV, 10mA).

Oil Dielectric Tester:

The dielectric tester is built to measure the dielectric strength of various insulating liquid used in electrical apparatus. The test cell is designed to meet the testing specification in compliance with ASTM, IEC standards. Dielectric tester is available in two variants – OC60-DI (0 to 60kV) & OC90D (0-90kV).





CF70 Series

Cable Fault Locators:

Hipotronics manufactures cable fault locators of wide ranges with respect to the various market standards incorporating state of art of technology. These cable fault locators are capable of locating /pinpointing the faults in a particular cable which makes it as customer’s friendly equipment .These cable fault locators are available in 3 variants with different voltage ranges. They are

  1. X wave:  500V – 10kV,12.5mA Output range
  2. CF30 – 8 : 30kV DC proof,50mA
  3. CF70-12 /CF70-24: 70kV DC,100mA.

AC/DC Benchtop Hipot testers – HD100 series

The AC/DC hipot tester combination provides an integrated solution to perform the AC high voltage test upto 15.5kV and DC test upto 40kV and eliminates the need to procure separate testing instrument for AC, DC test of electrical apparatus. These HD100 series comes with 5 variants with a applicable current ratings.

The variants are:- i) HD 103 (AC:0-2.5kV;DC:0-3kV), ii) HD 106 (AC:0-5kV;DC:0-6kV), iii) HD 115 (AC:0-12.5kV;DC: 0-15kV), i) HD 125 (AC:0-10kV;DC:0-25kV), i) HD 140 (AC:0-15.5kV;DC:0-40kV).

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