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Metal Deploy Resistor

Since 1938, Metal Deploye Resistor has been designing and manufacturing power resistors for the manufacture of earthing, load banks, filtering, railway traction, motor control, heating or various electrical products.

Neutral Grounding resistor

Most power distribution networks have their neutral line connected to earth in order to support important currents if fault occurs. In order to avoid the potential damage such faults can create, a neutral earthing resistor (or neutral grounding resistor) is fitted between the neutral and earth in order to limit the current and give automatic electrical protection devices enough time to react.Neutral earthing resistors ensures repeatedly and permanently protection of substations and their components, avoiding costly repairs or replacements.


The experience METAL DEPLOY RESISTOR has gained by installing thousands of neutral earthing resistors around the world together with the flexibility of our technology and the robustness of our products allow us to meet a large range of requirements.

Electrical Criteria:
  • Rated fault current : from 1 A to more than 5000 A
  • Rated voltage : from a few V to more than 500 kV
  • Rated timefrom 1 sec to continuous time rating

Load banks

Power resistors are used in generator load banks to avoid fouling of the diesel engine when the generator is operating at low power. Therefore, load bank are also used to reduce « wet stacking » issue in diesel engines. In addition, it is standard practice to use power resistors as load banks to maintain batteries in electrical laboratories, industrial testing facilities and telecommunications facilities. MDR  offer inductive load banks that can vary their power factor between 0.8 and 1.

Range of products
Natural Series:
  • Power from 5 to 120 kW under 400 V 3 phases
  • Connection in low part (cold area)
  • Protection level IP 13 (outdoor normal use)
  • Options : terminals bar (DIN), IP 23, castor wheels
  • Horizontal forced air cooling
  • Power from SO to 1200 kWunder 400 V 3 phases
  • Helical fan with 400 V motor IP 54
  • Air flow control by switch
  • Options : terminals bar on side, castor wheels, double insulation

Breaking resistors

Able to absorb high power overloads over long cycles.The braking resistor allow the proper functioning of speed inverter to a stop break or during slowdown braking by converting electrical energy by heat energy.


Options: security thermostat, other protection degree on request.

Rail Traction resistor

On electrical locomotives braking is achieved by both mechanical brakes (drums & disks) and electrical brakes, which are usually high performance rheostat type resistors.

Gridex resistors equip the French high speed train, the TGV, which requires a powerful braking system, and other types of transport such as local trains and trams which have frequent braking cycles.

Motor control resistor

Resistors make an important contribution to the control of high power electric motors and are used for starting, braking and speed control.

Their main role is to limit the starting current for motors used in applications such as compressors, pumps and ventilators. Simplicity, reliability and strength, are the main requirements of resistors used with electronic systems. MDR Offers  Rotoric resistors, Statoric resistors, Electrolytic starters, Starting resistors for direct current motors

Electrical Range
  • Power from 0 up to 600 kW
  • Start-up time : 6, 8, 12, 15 and 30 seconds
  • 2 consecutive starts or 10 starts/hour

Heating resistors

The use of metal resistors with predictable thermal inertia makes it possible to generate heat with a high degree of accuracy. In addition they do not pollute their surrounding gas which may, for example, be used todehydrate medicines, chemicals or food. For these reasons, modern industries are increasingly turning towards heat generation using resistors.


Due to its simplicity of implementation resistant slab (expanded metal) fed with low voltage (<50 V) provide a homogeneous and uniform surface temperature. This application is intended for underfloor heating cold rooms particularly.

Electrolyte starters

With Vectrostar principle, the user obtains the maximum torque at very low speed (starting of locked and loaded machines can be accomplished). Start-up current for slip ring motors from 0.5 to 1.5 rated current In.

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